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Welcome to this Harry Potter Discussion Group for Teens. It is sponsored by the Rutherford Public Library and was brought into existence by request. If you would like to post on this blog as a member, please contact Susan Rappaport, Young Adult Librarian, Rutherford Public Librarian. Anybody may comment at any time on the postings. Please feel free to answer the question, WILL HARRY POTTER LIVE PAST THE SEVENTH BOOK? Let us know what you think...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hi dear readers, My name is Shannon and I was invited to be a poster by Susan. I want to start off saying that I think this is a really great outlet and thank you Susan. For the swollen Harry Potter heads out there this could be really great. I like to pose a little discussion question that I got into while listening to a Mugglecast. Who else was at Godric's Hollow the night Voldemort killed the Potters? And did James really die first? All we really know is that they both died that night. I'd like to think that James dies afyer Lily because in Book Four:GoF during the Priori Incantatum between Harry and Voldemort all the people Voldemort had ever killed exit his wand in a chronological order, from most recent on. And James comes out before Lily. So could it be that he really was killed afterward, or is it ust that they were killed so close together that it doesn't really matter? I'd like to hear what people think.